(Available Credit Card phone purchase for Tickets/Table Reservations $1 per ticket handling fee ~ Upper level sitting always available on a first come, first serve basis.)

(There will be a $5.00 upcharge for late table reservations)

(Effective 01.01.10 ONLY Sealed Liquor Bottles will be Allowed on the Premises.
 NO pre-mixed Alcoholic Beverages will be Allowed as well as, no mixers, sodas, lemons/limes, etc...)

* All dates are subject to change without notice.

sponsored by:
(SAC) #1-74-2564201-8
Sunday @ 2pm - Tuesday & Thursday @ 7pm
$2500.00 Daily Payouts plus
Pull Tabs & Event Tickets
Computer & Paper - Best prices in town
Spacious Venue, Friendly Staff and Great Home Cooking!


Happy January B-Days...
3      Rose Esquivel
9      Jesse Garces
        Joseph Gentile
12    Daniel John Rudny
            Happy Birthday, Love your Family
25    Daniel Vega
        Angie Garcia

        Yolanda Almandarez
        Mrs. Castruita
        Mrs. Miranda
30   Marcos Iven Leon
31   Ernest Garza

Happy January Anniversary...

25    Happy Anniversary Della and Armando Tinoco
from best friends Maria and Alvaro Garcia

Happy February B-Days...
1      Joseph Victor "Giuseppe" Gentile
9      Joseph Rangel
Love Your Family
14    Lisa Trevino Rudny
20    Crystal Herrera
21    Brittany Rangel
21    Eluterio Gaytan
21    Francisco Chapa
24    Joe Deal

26    Johnny Trevino
Happy 74th Love your Family

Happy March B-Days...
1      Tammy Grothues
2      Helena Jane Rudny
12    Rita Kuvet
20    Joe Luna
24    Bea Tristan

Happy March Anniversary...
14    Happy Anniversary  Jaime and Cindy Rangel
21    Happy Anniversary Johnny and Janie Trevino
         We Love You Both So Very Much
         Love your daughters, son-in-laws,
         13 grandchildren, and 10 dogs!

Happy April B-Days...
11    Francisco Miguel Chapa

Happy May B-Days...
7      Ramona Chapa
19    Elena Chapa
22    Lydia Marie Trevino
22    Sarah Cardenas
Janie Trevino -  Happy Birthday Mom -
Love Marie, Barbara, Cindy, Linda, Lisa, 
       Johnny and all your grandkids, son-in-laws, and friends.
30    Esther Luna Herrera
30    Joe Garcia
30    Patricia Trevino Trinidad
31    Laura Elena Chapa

Happy June B-Days...
6      Julian Carrillo III
6      Elizabeth Barry

Happy July B-Days...
7      Oralia Luna Alaniz
11    M'Cheyl Herrera
24    Barbara Trevino Kuvet
27    Linda Trevino Barry

Happy July Anniversary...
    Happy Anniversary Daniel and Melinda Vega
25    Happy Anniversary Jaime and Cindy Rangel
Love Your Family

Happy August B-Days...
6      Happy Birthday Dominik Alec Rudny
8      Lauren Kuvet
9      Irene Moreno Belmarez
11    Ashley Kuvet
12    Linda Guerra
12    Roland Ruiz
12    Sylvia Deal
17    Bill Barry
19    Roland Ruiz
20    Maria Guerrero
24    Cindy Trevino Rangel
30    Katy Barry

Happy September B-Days...
13    Larissa Maldonado
28    Angelita Chapa

Happy October B-Days...
20      Mary Kuvet

             LOVE Your Family
27      Joey Deal
28      Nicole Rangel

You are a wonderful daughter and an awesome
          Mom!  May you always be happy in life because
          you are always loved...
          Love and God Bless from all your Family.

Happy November B-Days...
2      Rosalinda Gomez
7      Jaime Rangel

7      Brandon Deal
8      Estella Ibarra
24    Esther Lee Herrera
John Barry
27    James Barry
31    Cappelli Italis Gentile

Happy December B-Days...
1      Evelyn Chapa
11    Anisa Belmarez
14    Barbara Ibarra

31    Richard Gutierrez

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